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Kgetlengrivier Municipal Profile


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The Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality (NW374) is located in the Southeastern part of North West Province and forms part of Bojanala Platinum District Municipality (DC37). Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality is a category B plenary type municipality which is located in the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality in North West province. It consists of three towns, namely; Koster, Derby and Swartruggens. The municipal area covers a total 3 973.31 km2, indicates that the total population stands at 51 049 and the total number of households at 14 673 according to statistics SA the census 2011. It is also situated close proximity to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Lobatse Platinum corridor (N4 toll route) passes through Swartruggens to the neighbouring countries such as Botswana and Namibia and increases the potential for economic development of the Municipality.

  • Local Economic Strategy

    The municipality’s LED strategy was approved on November 2011, with the assistance of BPDM. While the economic drivers of Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality are agriculture, tourism, small-scale mining, trade and government services, anecdotal evidence suggests that the current economic activities are not maximizing the potential of the area which could create employment and improve the rate payers’ base for the municipality. The current economic activities are not maximizing the potential of the area which could create employment and improve the rate payer’s base for the municipality.

  • Agriculture

    agriculturalAgriculture in the municipal area has a strong competitive advantage in terms of the climate, bio-diversity and number of dams. But this advantage is impacted by problems associated with it such as drought, veld fires, and unsustainable farming practices. Although commercial agriculture provides bulk of the employment opportunities, approximately half of the population, particularly the youth, is unemployed. The constraints and issues related to agriculture in the municipal area are the following:

    • Lack of access to viable parcels of arable land;
    • Management of communal grazing land; and
    • Conversion from subsistence to commercial agriculture
  • Tourism

    Tourism has a great potential to stimulate the economic growth, taking into account KRLM’s close proximity to the Johannesburg, Pretoria and the surrounding areas. The national road (N4) linking Botswana and Gauteng creates opportunity to service the travelers which in turn would feed the hospitality sector within the area. According to the Tourism Growth and Development Strategy that was conducted by the Department of Finance and Economic Development, 2004, tourism in the area has a competitive advantage and has a potential to contribute significantly towards accelerating growth in the tourism industry.

    The study mentions the following attractions available in the area:

    • Private game farms
    • The culture activities of local people
    • The municipal area has various tourist attraction facilities such as, caravanning, camping sites, chalets, water sports, fishing, bush camps, game viewing and lodges.


    The industry has number of shortfalls as follows:

    • Constraints on development
    • Lack of focused marketing
    • Perception of high crime rate
    • Lack of involvement in, and benefit from, tourism for local communities.
  • Small Scale Mining and manufacturing

    The mining activities are those related to diamonds, slate and aggregate sand. As many other municipalities, KRLM also has no beneficiation except the sand that is used locally for building.

    The major initiative is to establish a clay brick making factory that will employ about a 100 people.

    This sector’s future is dependent on additional discoveries of economically exploitable mineral resources, market demand and technology.  Indications are that mining activities will in all probability remain a small role player in the of the area’s economy, albeit this sector provides a number of employment opportunities in the area.

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